KEK, Japan, 17-19 March 2009
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Following the KEK roadmap, the KEKB accelerator will be upgraded in 3~4 year to reach an initial target luminosity of 8 x 1035 cm-2s-1. At this meeting, we hope to begin the formation of an international collaboration. Other goals of this open meeting are

1)  To encourage anyone interested in the next generation of the B factory to come to see KEKB B factory
       and join the detector collaboration for it.
2)  To start discussions of a realistic detector design, construction schedule and cost for SuperKEKB.
3)  To begin discussions with the machine group on accelerator and IR issues.
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(Ref. 1) KEK Roadmap
(Ref. 2) KEK Roadmap Timeline (Preliminary)

Super Belle Interim Steering Committee:

Hiroaki Aihara (Tokyo/IPMU), Alex Bondar (BINP), Tom Browder (Hawaii), Paoti Chang (NTU), Toru Iijima (Nagoya), Peter Krizan (Chair, Ljubljana), Thomas Muller (Karlsruhe), Henryk Palka (Crakow), Christoph Schwanda (Vienna), Martin Sevior (Melbourne), Eunil Won (Korea), Changzheng Yuan(IHEP, China), Yutaka Ushiroda, Yoshi Sakai and Masa Yamauchi (KEK).

Meeting Photos

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