Inaugural meeting, KEK, Japan, 3-4/Jul/2008
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 Open meeting for the proto-collaboration

       Inaugural Meeting
       1st Bulletin

Workshop site

KEK 3 go-kan Seminar Hall

Registration and Accommodation

All Participants are requested to register via the registration page. (Link to registration page)

** The registration begins from May 7th. **

We hope to have two full day meetings.
Please stay over the nights of 3rd, 4th and 5th of July on or near KEK. (Link to accommodation page)

Computer Network at the conference

A wireless LAN service for the participants will be provided. Urban Hotel has in-room LAN connectivity upon request at the reservation.


Please check the expiration date of your passport before making your travel plan. How to reach Tsukuba (and KEK) is explained in

Currency Exchange

We recommend exchanging your money into Japanese Yens at a Currency Exchange counter of the Narita Airport, on the 1st floor in the arrival lobby.
The information is available from
Please note that foreign currencies cannot be exchanged in the KEK site.


The climates in Tsukuba in July is hot and humid.
The weather information of the south part of Ibaraki prefecture, in which Tsukuba is located, and of the Narita Airport is available from